Saturday, 24 October 2009


That was the bell of VICTORY!

Tyson weaving to the left and then to the right, connecting with the right hook onto Lennox Lewis chin. And that was it. KO. Finally we can be Iron Mike on a very well made boxing game. With excellent graphics and motion capture this game will catch every ones attention. As usual the music on a EA product is of a good standard which works well with some official entrance music for some boxers. The good news is that a extension pack will be made available in December. It will include three new boxers - Bernard Hopkins, Sonny Liston and Evander Holyfield. You'll also get new game modes Old School Rules and Ring Rivalries, which will allow you to recreate around 20 historic boxing matches. This game for me is a complete boxing game in terms of realism and simulation. They have worked hard at EA and eliminated the physical bogginess. It is smooth and sharp when making contact against each other. All the fighters have their own perks which mimics the actual movement and their styles in real life, very impressive.

I give Fight Night Round 4 a 9/10, I am very impressed by its overall display and would recommend it to anyone!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Games on the I-Phone are grabbing everyones attention

Hi guys, it's been a while. Now I’m back and will be filling you in with all the new games I have experienced in recent times. BUT I had to write this short compliment to EA who have really got a good understanding on the little device and worked it brilliantly!
Its early days in my testing but it has thumbs up from me all round.
Game play is very good, and so are the graphics, it feels like a PSP game! Nice sound effects, with some clear cut songs. One thing I would complain about is the lack of online game play, this would make it endless fun between friends while they are apart!
Check out here soon for some more updates!

Monday, 28 July 2008

Round 3! here we go, POW!

Well, well, well what have we got here. I remember the days of Super Punch Out (SNES) having my boxing raving family by the TV and giving each other’s blows. BUT MAn have we come a long way. I was always impressed with the first Fight Night on the XBOX by EA, I recall myself thinking “this is the best boxing game ever” which was probably true to the nature of lack of competition, taking nothing away from EA off course.

So we had the popcorn ready, PS3 ready with a crisp Plasma and guess what a copy of Fight Night 3 as well. Boys beings boys there were a few drinks about and jokes going round, some were even smoking outside as we don’t want our PS3 or TV anywhere near smoke! Initially I was very impressed with the graphics! It was giving out some of its own uppercuts on that merit! As I was used to the game play I got the hang of it easily, for newbie’s it can take some getting used to. I felt there wasn’t really much between this version and number 2 other than the visuals and new awesome tracks but the first thing I did was to see if they had IRON MIKE but was annoyingly disappointed. Overall we had a good time; I gave out some HARDCORE beats before calling it a night! My friend Christopher Evangelou was with us and he is an amateur boxer, turning pro soon. I asked him what he thought about it, and he gave two thumbs up!

I wanted to be more critical, what I found was the physics of the game not being that realistic. For example when you power punch the body I expect the muscle to move slightly or the elbow to twitch if blocking, I felt like I was punching STEEL! But I am being overly critical, other than that I felt the overall speed of the game was slightly on the slower side, not like the original. Perhaps all those slick graphics take their toll like a few jabs to the What I did like was the coaches tips in between rounds which I found useful. And I’m sure the single player option must be good in career mode if they have followed and improved from previous outings.

But seriously I would give it an 8/10 and recommend it to all my friends, some online showdowns would be fun! Maybe 2k’s Prizfighter will make EA to watch their backs with their new release but I seriously doubt it.

Remember guys Lets Keep It Clean!

Sunday, 27 July 2008


Sorry people for not updating as much as I should be. Don't worry as now Rasta is back with vengeance and with more BLOGGING! I will have a new post up by tomorrow night! I have been getting your emails so I wont let you down, cheers for the support.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Lights, Camera - Action! (Motion Capture)

Are we always in the need for top quality gaming? Is it true that we are all so demanding? Yes and YES!! Here we have a nice kit of technology which has pushed the gaming industry forward so much in realism when it comes to movement in living creatures including our selves! This is called Motion Capture, for short Mo-Cap.

Now you’re wondering since when, well I can say definitely since Acclaims PC title Alien Trilogy and then in a higher profile game which you may recognise was Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. This technology was mainly used in movies and animation before then; Acclaim brought it into the world of Sports gaming with their NFL Quarterback Club 96 on the N64. And the sports gaming industry has never looked back, now almost all sports video games are made with motion capture to give it the more realistic look.

I have to tell you that this kind of operation isn’t cheap either, it may cost around £30K-£70K depending on the scale of the project. For a successful mo-cap session you need a determined team, with a leader to conduct rigorous planning, as the company is paying so much money u need to take use of all the time you have. If there are celebrities involved it can get tricky as they can easily get bored and de-motivated, you want to get the most out of them! The money isn’t too important anymore, when the industry’s revenue is at equal amount to a movie industry then developers can afford such luxuries, unless you’re a small time company working in a garage – then you have no hope to compete against their quality. So you can imagine the pressures on the directors or producers for the mo-cap sessions. All this aside it can become a joyful experience for the people involved, think about it you get to meet celebrities and some eye candy computer effects at the end of it.

The technology varies from studio to studio, but they all have the same concept which is recognition of movement of light attached to a skeleton or graphical figure. This is reproduced in real time so you can see the effects as you do the motion takes (this process is called Post-Production). It is especially very good for sports games. In sports it’s all about individual movement, that is what makes some one better than another, it’s their skills and final touches. The use of extensive cameras pick up these beams which is then sent via a connection to the super computers, I know that EA uses 86 flexible cameras in their in-house studios. Their motion capture is so thorough that it picks up face expressions by the athletes, which means they have little sticky dots on their lips which reflect light. Guess we are going to get all of Ronaldinho in Fifa 08!

Here is a little video clip of Y2K having a night time out-door mo-cap video shoot for their basketball game, what I like about this is the fact that its open to public so people get to see their stars. It is also a great marketing idea for promotion and building hype, but I would like to say it is a prime example of RIGOROUS PLANNING!!

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Lewis Hamilton gone crazy??

Lewis Hamilton uses the Playstation 3 F1 game to get used to the Brazil track Interlagos before the weekend. Hamilton claimed that Ron Dennis advised he should use the simulation program which has three screens and a real F1 cockpit but Hamilton said he is familiar with the track as he has completed full races several times on his Playstation, I wonder what car he chose hey.... well this shows that we are ever getting to the real thing, we can enjoy racing in the comfort of our own homes and we don’t need a tremendously expensive simulation machine to experience it like the real thing. But I don’t recall his race going well the other Only kidding Lewis, it wasn’t his fault that the gear box messed up. He did race well though, maybe one day we can challenge his electronic ghost by downloading it from an online-live service?? There’s a thought.

Either way two thumbs up to Lewis for choosing computer games over million'$ of R&D!


Thursday, 11 October 2007

EA Sports has the name But Konami have the Game.... Soccer video games, which one?

There hasn’t been anywhere in the world I’ve been that the locals didn’t love football (soccer for my American readers), except in the USA the average person do not share the same enthusiasm, except for the Latinos and ethnics. We have two titles at it again as usual every year which is Konami’s Pro Evolution (Winning Eleven in some countries) and EA’s Fifa, for me PES wins hands down every time. But why do we love the computer game so much?? I think it’s because were addicted to the sport and re-living the passion and excitement is what gets us going. Or is it we like saying to our best friend “I’m gonna give you beat downs on Pro Evo!” either way it is pure fun.

When I was thinking I came across different reasons why we like the simulation so much, I was in deep thought and realised who I love to play within a football game, which is Newcastle Utd, then I asked myself why?? The bird in my head came back and told me it’s the feeling of belonging. Just like anything else in life. So does this mean we now have an extraordinary power in the influence of people through marketing of a game, you guessed it - YES IT DOES! This brought me back to why people like EA’s Fifa which is all about branding and licensing, giving out official kits and names. They gain their customers through those channels, as I have to say the game compared to PES is dog poo, well maybe that’s extreme but it’s not as good. My point here is that people sacrifice game play to achieve loyalty points to their clubs, as Fifa has its pluses including better commentary. But for the hardcore it doesn’t matter! For me Newcastle’s kit on PES 6 is rank, but I still love the game as it’s as real as it gets at the moment. I spoke to George, a semi-pro football player and asked which he prefers and he told me “obviously Pro Evs, it’s just a proper game, don’t get me wrong Fifa looks good but that’s about it, my nephews like it. Pro-eey (PES) is more realistic and plays like the real sport. Kids don’t have the capacity to play the game on the high level, that’s why they like Fifa and it has all the names and that and better graphics. I play Pro Evo and so does all my team mates at the football club” Personally I agree with George that Fifa is like playing a cartoon compared. Again some people like that but that’s not what this blog is all about.

I think that Fifa is targeting a different group sector as they know they can’t compete with PES in terms of game play, so they have shifted their attention to a younger generation. This can again be a very smart move as they can hope for brand loyalty for when those kids get older they will keep buying Fifa, well that’s the plan. I don’t think it will work as Konami have realised this and they too are slowly every year extending their licences and having bigger name endorsements such as Thierry Henry and John Terry. But they will always be behind EA’s Fifa as Fifa holds almost all licences in the world relating to football i.e. Fifa World Cup, which is the biggest sporting event in the world. You can say it’s a kind of monopoly as Fifa bosses the rights and cripples Konami from not having as many licences which in affect makes EA’s Fifa unique. I feel EA’s Fifa is no better than Microsoft by making it unfair competition in the gaming industry.

Fifa 08 is out now and Pro Evolution Soccer 2008/Winning Eleven 2008 will be coming out soon. This will be the biggest battle yet as they will both be on 3rd gen games machines, as well as others. Will Konami once and for all take the top spot or will Fifa fool people into their game once again? I’ll have a look at both side by side in the future and give you my verdict! EA has the name But Konami have the Game....